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We're Looking for YOUR Story!


Using Adobe products we are able to send high quality graphics to print for on-demand printing and optimum results. We realise many of you out there have ideas for books but don't know how to find a publisher, distributor or even how to make the decision of self-publishing.

We are happy to help and offer everything from free consultations to full publication and distribution through the Santa Fe Sam network. We offer the following services:

  • Consultation ($100/hour after free 30 minute consult)

  • Illustration (either paid outright or taken as a royalty)

  • Writing (depends on level of additional effort required from initial draft)

  • Translation (dependent on translator rates)

  • Adobe photoshop graphics design

  • Adobe InDesign for book layout

  • Printer recommendations and contacts

  • Web AR design for interactive books (coming soon, based on project requirements)

Books we are looking to publish:

Children's books set in a city where the main character (indigenous to the area) discusses 6 or 7 features about the town including: history, attractions, events, geography, culture or other features unique to the city. The story is told through the eyes of the character and other critters local to the area.

Please contact us with ideas or questions at:

Or use this:

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