Bring Sam and his friends to life!!!

What is AR?

AR stands for augmented reality. It is a technology that adds digital content to our physical world. 

The goal of adding AR to the Santa Fe Sam Books Series is to provide additional learning opportunities. By augmenting the printed content with additional educational experiences, learning becomes even more fun, engaging and effective.

How does it work?

 1. Open your camera 
2. Point it at the QR code on the book (or if you are browsing on your phone simply click one below)


3. Click the link to open in your phone's browser (note: if you see a pop-up that says "copy text" click the "X" - the link should appear next)
4. Click "allow" camera
5. Scan illustrations and play the videos/animations that pop up! not all images trigger the AR so you'll have to do a little hunting.
If you get stuck click here!
6. Check back for new experiences 


Compatible Devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 or higher

  • Apple iPhone 8 or higher

  • Google Pixel

  • Other similar devices

AR Example: