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Bring Sherman and his friends to life!

What is AR?

AR stands for augmented reality. It is a technology that adds digital content to our physical world. 

The goal of adding AR to the Santa Fe Sam Books Series is to provide expanded learning opportunities, which target multiple learning styles.


By augmenting the printed content with educational experiences, learning becomes even more fun, engaging and effective.

How does it work?

1. Open your camera
2. Point it at the QR code on the book (or if you are browsing on your phone simply click the one below)

3. Click the link to open in your phone's browser and select the "Take me to Tucson" button
4. Click "allow" camera and sensors 
5. Scan illustrations and play the videos/animations that pop up!
    - Pages 4-28, 30-36, and the map of Tucson.
    - When you see the URL change in the address bar you know the image was recognized and the experience is loading
6. Use the "Back to Scan" button when you want to scan the next image.


1. Make sure your device is charged and there is no glare on the pages.

2. Be sure to have a good Internet connection
3. Check back for new experiences or sign up to be notified. 

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