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The Land of Enchantment, the state of New Mexico, is home to Sam, the resident prairie dog in Sandi Wright's book for children, The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam. What a genuine and delightful way for a young reader to learn about the colorful epic of this southwestern part of our United States.

Additionally, Riyon Harding, the illustrator, captures the spirit of the saga with her authentic rendering of all of the contributing bygone times. This combo effort, by mother and daughter, is the first book I gave my new granddaughter.

Joy Jones, PhD, Published Author, educator, public speaker

Everything a kid's book should be, a charming story and the illustrations are delightful. Readers (parents and children) interested in southwest archaeology are especially going to like it.

C. Blanchard

The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam is a rich resource for teachers and parents who want to introduce Santa Fe to young readers. As a Learning Consultant who works with both adults and children, I am delighted to find a book written in both Spanish and English that has something to teach all ages. The text is simple, but not simplistic and whimsical illustrations invite both children and adults to learn about Southwest animals as well as language and traditions while having fun.

The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam by Sandi Wright is a very sweet educational children’s book that gives general history of Santa Fe and New Mexico thought the voice of a prairie dog. It’s beautifully illustrated and a book that I intent to read over and over again to my grandchildren.

Christina Vondell (Best Selling Author)

K. Elise Packard, Ph. D.

Teachers and parents will be refreshed to see how Sedona‘s Search appeals to young children in many ways. As a Learning Consultant who works with both children and adults, I recommend Sedona‘s Search as a book that takes children’s learning seriously. It speaks to children’s innate intelligence by introducing factual information about Sedona, Arizona while also relating to children’s emotional need to feel beautiful and loved. The illustrations are both accurate and whimsical. What could be better for having fun while learning?

K. Elise Packard, Ph. D.