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Santa Fe Sam

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Art Academy de los Niņos is pleased to publish

The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam


The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam is a delightfully written and illustrated storybook exploring the fascinating past and present of the tri-cultural city of Santa Fe, New Mexico as told through the discoveries and inquiries of a prairie dog named Santa Fe Sam.  Sam is a prairie dog sentry turned sleuth.  His curiosity takes him on an intriguing journey to discover the origins of the the mysterious relics he finds.

The colorfully creative illustrations of Riyon Harding add to the adventure making this a storybook that readers young and old, will read and treasure for years to come.  You are sure to be enchanted and entertained by Sam and his friends.

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The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam

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"Mr. Owl, Mr. Owl," he calls, holding up his golden rock.

"Whooo goes?" replies the wise owl.

"Mr. Jackrabbit, can you tell me what this is?"

"Many years ago, a group of ancient peoples lived here..."

Suddenly Sam trips over a giant rock.  Only it is not a rock. It is Miss Tortoise taking a nap.

What others are saying about

The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam

"The Land of Enchantment, the state of New Mexico, is home to Sam, the resident prairie dog in Sandi Wright's book for children, The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam.  What a genuine and delightful way for a young reader to learn about the colorful epic of this southwestern part of our United States.  Additionally, Riyon Harding, the illustrator, captures the spirit of the saga with her authentic rendering of all of the contributing bygone times.  This combo effort, by mother and daughter, is the first book I gave my new granddaughter."

Joy Jones, PhD, Published Author, educator, public speaker

"Santa Fe Sam is an authentic history of Santa Fe for children and adults can learn from it too."

Review in the New Mexican newspaper




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The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam won  the New Mexico book awards for best Youth Reader.

Sam was nominated in five other categories as well

Children's Picture Book

Juvenile Readers Book

New Mexico Centennial Book

Multi-Cultural Book

First Book

Sandi Wright and Riyon Harding

Mother  and Daughter  team

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This book was written for children aged 2 to 10, and for adults of all ages.

Years ago, having moved to Santa Fe, Sandi Wright and a friend were discussing the popularity of visitors to our town, and how Santa Fe did not have much to offer in the way of children's souvenirs. If grandma wanted to take a gift home to a grandchild, she would only have a selection of tee shirts or ball caps.  They ascertained that some sort of children's educational book on the history and culture of Santa Fe was needed. The name Santa Fe Sam evolved from that conversation.  That discussion planted a seed that later would lead Sandi to take the idea to heart.

Later, watching a colony of prairie dogs in a Santa Fe park, with lively digging and scampering about, the story of Santa Fe Sam began to develop.  Sandi decided she would use the prairie dog, to tell the history and story of Santa Fe, the oldest capital city in the United States.   What better creature to dig in the ground for treasures from the past, than this mesmerizing, cute, and vocal critter, already  a Southwest icon.The birth of Sandi's first grandchild inspired Gram to publish Sam

Ms. Wright shared the idea with her daughter, Riyon Harding, and together they created this delightful book.  Prairie dogs have fascinated both mother and daughter for their charismatic exuberance, exhaustless energy, and kiss greetings.  They spent many delightful hours watching these "dogs" bark warnings, communicate with chirps and kisses, and dodge in and out of tunnels while chasing one another playfully or challengingly.

This book covers the rich culture and uniqueness of Santa Fe and New Mexico.  It encourages children to be inquisitive and to respect the many peoples and abundant antiquities of this area.

The authors saw numerous correlations between the daily lives of prairie dogs and our own human community.  Near the edge of prairie dog town sat Grumpy Gramps, who preferred to be on the outside of all the excitement.  Harry Heckler appeared to enjoy picking on the others.  Nearby was Anxious Alice, named for her skittish and worrisome nature, poking her head in and out of the tunnel entrance as if to check repeatedly that all was well.  There was also Tiny Tim, Fertile Myrtle, Run Around Sue, and Digger Dan who must have been the designated digger. Their favorite, however, was the sentry, Santa Fe Sam, who appeared to be in charge of everyone's welfare.

"What can you do with turquoise?" he asks.

"Come with me and I will show you," Miss Tortoise says.